Nordland Teater chose Theatron


Nordland Teater is our seventh Norwegian theatre customer - making Norway our second largest market after Finland. Like most Norwegian theatre customers, Nordland Teater wanted to have most of the available options into their Theatron and Intranet environments and automate the daily scheduling and planning tasks as much as possible. Most of these lately developed features are made based on our other Norwegian theatre customer’s requirements.

In addition to these "off the shelf" features Nordland Teater wished to have a feature tailored, which enables them to add various files under venues. This feature has now been developed and is soon available for other Theatron customers also. One of the reasons for our success in Norway has been the ability to develop new features fast and cost effectively, even though the feature would only serve one or two theatre customers.

Nordland Teater is a touring theatre serving 44 municipalities in Norway. The theatre is established in 1979 and has its home venue in Mo I Rana Norway.

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