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In Mansoft our goal is to help theatres making their production planning easier and faster. We keep learning and developing new features in order to make that happen. But this year we are taking a bigger step forward. We are expanding our portfolio with a new solution that will help with the management of resources, such as the light equipments, music equipments, chairs, tables…anything. You will have full control of all your resources and equipment. You will be able to see which resources are booked, which are free, which are in need to be checked…and many more features to come. The pilot will be launched after the summer and as Theatron, it will keep developing.

We want your planning process to be smoother while keeping always good communication throughout the whole organization. Minimize the unnecessary steps and save time so you can focus on what really matters, making great theatre.

Would you like to know more on how Theatron could streamline your production planning and make the sharing of information easier and faster? Then don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and let us know which are the main challenges that your organization faces when it comes to planning!

All the best,

Mansoft team

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